Monday, February 13, 2012

Photos on the South Bank

I've just had some films processed from a day in London. I've had to spend time on Photoshop to get round the less than helpful processing. So to celebrate getting something usable out of 7 rolls of film, I've put together some photos of a wander down the South Bank in the sun.
I started off at Westminster Bridge, I didn't take any film shots of the London Eye, I think they would be difficult to distinguish from every one else's photos. I expect my shot of Hungerford Bridge is too. But I've been to some good pubs in Hungerford.

Under the Bridge

I'm not sure if the books were from the National Theatre bookshop or not. They didn't seem to have anyone looking after them and not many people were looking at them.


I'd seen some nice shots looking towards the City from the South Bank and tried to get one for myself. This one isn't great, but it's something to improve on.

City View

The police seemed to be spending some time deciding what to do with the man on the beach, but in the end left it to the tide to see him off.

On the beach

It was a great day, but no one seemed to be interested in food, perhaps these aren't the top places to be seen.


I carried on down to the Millennium Bridge and spent some time in the Tate, where I liked the escalators. I'll be going back.

Millennium Bridge
Tate Modern

After leaving the Tate, I headed back towards Westminster and spotted the sax player, one of the few people out entertaining who didn't shake a hat at you if you pulled out a camera.

Sax and the City

I went on from there along the Thames to get a shot of Battersea Power Station.

Battersea Power Station

I also managed to get a nice digital shot and went on to get a nice Blue Hour shot of the Albert Bridge, which is in my Flickr stream.  Albert Bridge

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photography on the River Thames

I spent the morning of 11th February taking photos along the Thames in Maidenhead and Bray.
I wanted to take some photos of the reflections under the motorway bridge at Bray.
From there, I worked my way back up to Boulter's Lock, the start of Cliveden Reach.