Monday, January 23, 2012

My most "stolen" photo?

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I'm in the process of trying to get yet another copy of one of my photos deleted and thought it might deserve a blog of some sort.
It's all about copyright infringements.
As a photographer who spends a lot of time around horses, I get to see lots of interesting horse behaviour and arguably, one of the most visually interesting behaviours is the Flehmen response, in which a horse will curl back its lips to get better access to an interesting scent. I've photographed this response on a number of occasions and in April 2009 I managed to get this shot.

Clearly spectacular.

It didn't take too long before it started going around the web and was not too long before someone added text : -

copyright infringement
After that, it went viral.

I did a Google image search for the image with text.

The results were alarming : -

The Horror
I'm still trying to get these people to take down my photo.
The site doesn't answer emails or tweets sent to @Hollywood_com and I tried the writer of the page, @ericsundy, but to no avail.

The page has been removed after being highlighted on Sites that steal -
If you are ever tempted to "lift" a photo, please don't.
I found a few versions of my shot on Flickr and asked the people involved to remove them. In one case I had a short email exchange with the person showing the image, who very nicely agreed to remove the image but replaced it with the one shown here
It now seems that people trying to protect their copyright in the wrong.
However, the comment made below is from that person and is a well reasoned response, and worth reading. It's the other side of the copyright argument.