The Italian Continental Stores

The Italian Continental Stores, sometimes known just as the Italian shop is the best shop in  Maidenhead. That might sound like a ludicrous assertion, but having seen the "second best stand -up comic in Reading," it's a title I'm happy to confer. I've been visiting the Aladdin's cave of a shop in Vicarage Road Maidenhead since moving here in 1980. It's always been the place to go for good continental food and drink. Except it's not great on French wine.
They are moving out of the rather cramped shop into a much larger, brighter place a few hundred yards away. But I'm going to miss the current bustling shop with its uneven floor and tightly packed shelves. You just never know what you are going to find there; I've found smoked oysters real turtle soup, and more types of pasta than it's easy to imagine. I've also tasted any number of different hams, sausages and salamis there too. And so I've probably spent a fortune there.
When I found out they were moving, I asked if I could take some photos to remember the old place. They said yes. The films will be processed later, but for now, here are the shots I took today.
Although I'll be spending time and money in the new shop in Denmark Street, I'm going to miss this old place.